Freeman and Friends. The Mixtape.

HKD Fans. To keep the family entertained through Christmas and New Year, Freeman has  dropped  this Mixtape.  3rd of December. We hope as we exit 2020 that  a year like this, never comes back again.

In Freeman And Friends the Mixtape, Freeman HKD plunges into the song ‘Kutenda’ featuring Mambo Dhuterere in a very thankful frame of mind for what God has done for him further sending a mini prayer in the song Rima featuring Baba Harare where he asks for protection against dark spirits.  ‘I remember’ featuring Ti-Gonzi throws reminiscences when people mocked him, then he catapults into the present in ‘I’m better’  featuring Gemma where he gives us an insight of how he has grown into a better person.

Freeman proceeds as he picks holes against fake friends in ‘Shamwari’ featuring Mbeu. In a melodic, amusing and coherent flow of the Mixtape, he goes on  acknowledging his partner for loving him unconditionally when he was  still a nobody till he became somebody in ‘Warira’ featuring Daruler .Love floats in the songs ‘If you love me’  featuring Tammy Moyo, ‘Pafoni’ featuring Takura and a relationship conflict in ‘Zi-zi’  featuring Mai Titi. Irony becomes the main message in ‘Mkwambo’  featuring Shinso when he complains against overcharging of the bride price. Fun, happiness and entertainment closes the mixtape in iParty featuring Sandra Ndebele.

Spread the word. Freeman and Friends is a  Party Popper. Count down with us. It will be available on all platforms. Play Music, Itunes or Spotify. All links found here You choose.