#Robbery. The Album.


Freeman and Friends is available for streaming.

HKD Fans. You are my family. I could never thank you all enough for the love and support you’ve shown me over the last years. Rimwe iro .

This mixtape  is a family act so plug it on the bluetooth stereo start vibing to the tunes. It is available on all platforms. Play Music, Itunes or Spotify. You choose. A phenomenal all star mixtape featuring stars like Mambo Dhuterere ,Tammy, Takura, Ti-gonzi, Baba Harare, Mai Titi and  Sandra Ndebele . It is an all in one.

What I wish

It is my dream to sow love where there is hatred, to sow faith where there is doubt; to sow hope where there is despair and to sow light where there is darkness. Besides being a singer, I have a heart for my community. I wish to engage more and work together for the community because I believe together we can make the future brighter.